Putts 4 Patrick Annual Memorial Golf Tournament

August 2020

On behalf of our founder, Nancy Fitzgerald, and The Butterfly Foundation, we invite you to participate, volunteer or sponsor our Putts4Patrick Annual Memorial Golf Tournament. This annual golf tournament is held each year to pay tribute to Patrick Fitzgerald and to support The Butterfly Foundation. Patrick, Nancy’s husband lost his life to a distracted driver while he was riding his bicycle home from work one evening in 2014. This tournament allows people to participate in the special event and pay tribute to Patrick, as well as contribute to the worthy cause of supporting families in need!

The 5th Annual Putts 4 Patrick Memorial Golf Tournament will be held in August 2020.

Check out the Putts4Patrick Golf Tournament highlights and read more about how to participate, sponsor or volunteer for the tournament. We welcome your engagement!


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If you have questions about attending, sponsoring, or donating to one of our events, please contact our Executive Director, Sandy Jones at sjones@coloradobutterflyfoundation.com

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